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尚牛會 Beef & Liberty Food Truck


Beef & Liberty’s signature hamburgers on wheels, made to order to the same quality as served in the restaurants. 

大師兄 Book Bothers


Book Brothers is a food truck serving Chinese food, which is first founded in Los Angeles, the United States. Our business has recently been extended to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. We put our best effort on developing various cuisines to attract our customers, more than 50 kinds of main meals and 20 kinds of snacks are currently on our list.

池記 Chee Kei


Chee Kei aims to keep Hong Kong tradition alive by providing an elevated authentic experience of Cantonese food in our six locations and our food truck. Chee Kei Food Truck features several signature dishes, including wonton, braised pork ribs and braised beef briskets.

粵廚點心專門店 Canton's Kitchen Dim Sum Expert


Canton's Kitchen Dim Sum Expert specializes in dim sum.

Crunch Munch

Crunch Munch的理念是將香港傳統美食以各種烹調方式注入全新的元素,選用香港地道食品油炸鬼作為基礎,再加入不同的配料,使油炸鬼除了平常配粥品享用的食法外,搖身一變成為全新的潮流美食。

The Crunch Munch food truck all began with an idea to inject new life into traditional Hong Kong food items and revitalise them with new flavour combinations and textures. We chose to use the humble Chinese cruller (Chinese fried dough) as our key item as it will be known to everyone who grew up in Hong Kong as the traditional accompaniment to breakfast congee.

創意美食 Creative Yummy


We are Creative Yummy, a modern approach to everyone's favourite comfort food , grilled cheese. Creative Yummy has taken a classic and adapted it for how people are eating today, from scratch, creative, comforting sandwiches infused with originality, sustainability, and quality ingredients at its core.

豪園小食 Ho Yuen Express


Ho Yuen Express carries on the Lion Rock spirit and brings people together from all walks of life through warm service and new taste of local Cantonese delicacies and specialties from south China's Chiu Chow region. 

Ma Ma's Dumplings

Ma Ma's Dumpling showcases the simple art of Chinese street food at both its simplest and most profound. Obviously, the namesake's the star of the show, coming in endless varieties both soft and crispy - steamed or pan-fried & stuffed with an endless variety of components - from spinach to pork to everything in-between, both sweet and savory. For a shortcut to the nuanced joys of Chinese street fare, give Ma Ma's a visit, and join the tradition yourself.

魔麵 Mien by Maureen

魔廚撈麵是由一個麵條師傅在製作過程中, 結合了北方擔擔麵和雲吞麵的口感, 用自創的秘製醬汁撈麵 。 

Handcrafted noodles are made from a special noodle master that has combined Maureen’s peference of a Northern dan dan noodle and Southern wonton noodle.  It is served lo mein style, noodles tossed in a of homemade  sauce. 

公主廚房 Princess Kitchen

公主廚房的目標是提供優質的街頭食品。我們的招牌菜是營養豐富的火龍冰寶,把新鮮的龍果混合成為雪糕質感的火龍果冰沙,加上麥片,香蕉,草莓,藍莓,椰子和杞子。 除了火龍果冰沙,我們提供各種創意国际饭碗和美味的吐司。

For those in search of wellness and good food in equal measure - you've come to the right place. In a city where heavy reigns supreme, Princess Kitchen provides necessary balance with international rice delights, delicious toasts, and our signature dish: the nutrient-packed Dragon Bowl.

菠蘿仔食堂 Pineapple Canteen

以香港人最地道美食 - 菠蘿包, 加入新鮮菠蘿,引申出各種與菠蘿包有關之美食,另加入了美食主角“菠蘿仔”,特顯香港人的拼搏精神,創造出特有品牌,而他將出現在美食車及各個宣傳品上,令人耳目一新,一見難忘.

The Hong Kong people's most favorite food - Pineapple bun. We especially add fresh pineapples, which extend the variety of pineapple dishes. We also create a new character "My Little Pineapple " to enhance the branding, he fully demonstrates the fighting spirit of Hong Kong people.

八珍醬園 Patchun Saucy Truck


The Patchun Saucy Truck showcases a traditional Hong Kong craft: Heritage sauces and its relation to the city’s culinary past and the contemporary dining scene. This is done through demonstrating traditional and new usage of Chinese Sauces: from quick bites to substantial take-out meals, desserts and drinks. All foods are prepared or served with sauces made with traditional fermentation and natural ingredients.

七桌子 Table 7

七桌子 Food Truck 一星期七天,我地希望能每天為大家奉上美食。
四 - 有春、夏、秋、冬,東、南、西、北既意思,代表著生活、文化。 
三 - 有天、地、人之意,代表生命。 

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